2006 Cup "Tutti Footie"
27-30 July, Hannover, Arnum


  • when?:

    27-30 July 2006
  • what?:

    there will be two different tournament-s for both ladies and boys.
  • Feel free to decide which tournament your team will play, but please inform the Haerte-official-s about your decision.
  • where?:

  • Freibad Arnum
    Hiddesdorfer Strasse 14
    30966 Hemmingen / Arnum
    Arnum, located on the south end of HANNOVER "the lovely town" is one of the prettiest places around europe. The tournament will take place on the pitches of SV ARNUM.
    the camping area is at a public bath with zero tolerance on dog-s. Sorry!
  • How much?: